Print 13 Printers of every size and application:
Short-run Digital Presses (toner AND Inkjet)
Wide-format inkjet: even T-shirt printers

Table Of Contents
  • Print 13: the every four year special version of Graph Expo
  • Canon and Xerox dominate the landscape
  • Short-run presses for offices
  • Short-run presses for commercial printing
  • Short-run book and photo album production
  • Latex ink Printers
  • Water-based Printers
  • Memjet printers, with MEMS printheads
  • Technical Printers: for GIS and CAD
  • Solvent Printers
  • Inkjet Candy Store
  • Textile Printers
  • T-shirt printers
  • UV-cured printers
  • Flatbed cutters
  • Media and Substrates
  • After-market inks
  • Laminators
  • RIP Software
  • Color Management
  • MIS Software
  • Distributors
  • Chinese booths
  • Booth Design (for trade shows)
  • -How best to handle your outside wall
  • Silly and often rather stupid fonts for your logo
  • Booth Design (for trade shows)
  • -Good examples of bad overhead logo banners
  • Booth design: Good examples of excellent design of overhead banners
  • University Presence
  • Booths of trade magazines
  • Booths of other trade shows
  • Lectures
  • Conclusion
  • Venue:Chicago
  • Venue:McCormick Place (Convention Center)